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Who We Are

 Community Partnership of Rabun County
Rabun County Family Connections

 Community Partnership of Rabun County (CPR), is a network of non-profit organizations, churches, public and private community leaders, state agencies, local government representatives and Rabun County children, youth and families who all work together to develop and implement a community plan to improve results for families in Rabun County.  CPR is a participating non-profit agency in Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP), a statewide organization of communities, agencies, businesses and families dedicated to improving the lives of Georgiachildren and families.  To learn more about GaFCP, please go to www.gafcp.org.


CPR’s vision is for all children inRabunCountyto be born healthy, nurtured in a safe, stable, family environment with school success leading to graduation and self-sufficient adulthood.


The board of CPR representsRabunCountygovernment, Board of Education, Department of Family and Children Services, Division of Public Health, churches, civic organizations, business leaders, children and youth program directors, foodbank agencies, and families.


Over the years, CPR has been involved with several programs in our county including the After School Program, Community Pantry,RabunCountyCommunityParkand Playground Project, the Summer Food Service Program and the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy.


CPR works with partners in the community to assist families with crisis needs such as utilities, rental assistance, medications, transportation, food, and other needs.  Families must schedule an interview and be seen in the office to complete eligibility forms and provide identification and documentation of the need.  By working together with other partners, the need of the family can be met more efficiently.  CPR receives a yearly grant from Georgia Family Connection Partnership which covers the salaries of a full-time coordinator and part-time office manager, office utility bills, travel to regional and state meetings, and office supplies such as paper and toner.   Funds for benevolence come from the community and are not part of CPR’s budget.  Donations are always welcome to assist families in our community and to support the work of Community Partnership.  CPR is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.


CPR supports ongoing coordination between collaborative partners to fill in gaps when needed.  To stay informed of happenings and needs in and around the community, the Community Partnership collaborative meets on the third Tuesday of each month 9:00am –10:00am in the conference room of Clayton City Hall. The collaborative is open to anyone in the community!  Let your voice be heard by becoming a liaison between the collaborative and the organization you represent.



For more information, please call the office at 706-782-8390

Our Over-Arching Goal: All Children Will Succeed in School and in Life.

We pursue that goal by addressing the root causes of problems, building on cultural and other strengths, pooling resources, engaging an extraordinary diversity of community members, and committing to a long-term process of planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Using a family-centered approach, schools, health and human service agencies, business, the faith community, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, civic clubs, and others work together with families, focusing on academics, physical and mental health, nurturing parenting, economic success, and community service. We tap existing resources, streamline systems to be more efficient and effective, and initiate new projects like those listed below.


A Few of Our Organizational Partners

Department of Family & Children Services, Public Health, Athens Housing Authority, Department of Juvenile Justice, Chamber of Commerce, individual businesses, Juvenile Court, Police Department, Sheriff, Department of Leisure Services, Department of Labor, Catholic Social Services, YMCA, YWCO, Boys & Girls Club, Council on Aging, Child Abuse Prevention Council, Sexual Assault Center, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Department of Human & Economic Development, and many others. Our most important partners are the families whose children we are serving.


Some of the projects that have been initiated through this process

  • Prekindergarten Program
  • Even Start family literacy program
  • Early Head Start
  • Homeless Education program
  • Anti-truancy initiative
  • Nutrition and health insurance outreach
  • Summer Youth Program
  • Community Partnership for Protecting Children
  • various welfare-to-work strategies
  • Community Education Summit
  • Unified Government, and School District

Some of Our Results

Working in partnership with families, we have tackled intractable problems like teen pregnancy, child abuse and neglect, school dropout, and physical and mental health disparities, with implementation by the partners (School District, Health Department, DFCS, Advantage, et al.).

  • Working together, our partners have achieved remarkable results. For example:
  • Teen pregnancy – after increasing annually for many years – began moving downward when our partners developed and implemented a comprehensive, holistic plan starting in 1992, and is now 42% lower;
  • We pulled together our partners to strategize about truancy; within three years of implementation of the strategies, the number of students absent more than ten days had declined by 23%;
  • Thanks in part to our welfare to work initiatives, led by the Departments of Family & Children Services and Labor, the traditional welfare rolls in our county declined by more than 95%;
  • With the leadership of Public Health in collaboration with other partners, childhood immunization has increased by 15%;
  • the percentage of babies born healthy (as defined by Public Health) is up by 31%, and
  • child poverty is down by 12%.


The Future:

Our success is our partners’ success – we bring them together, they develop and implement the strategies. Our most important partners are the families whose children are being served.

Please join with us through financial support (tax deductible) and/or active participation to achieve our goal: All children will succeed in school and in life.